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♥ Me ♥

Help please!

Hi everyone,

I am hoping someone on here might be able to help me with some information-- I am trying to find a copy of a current tv commercial online but I don't have a whole lot of information about it. That's where all of you experts come in! :)

Does anyone know that commercial where all the little dollar bills are running down the street and there's this urgent sort of adventure-y music? A dog is perplexed by the dollars and one gets stuck in some chewing gum and keeps trying to forge ahead?

They get to two guys having a conversation and one says something like "So, do we have a deal?" and they're all waiting eagerly and the other guy says something like "Nah..." and then the little dollars turn around sort of trudge away and then this voice over comes on and says ________ (insert bank name here)... Your money, ready when you are.

Does anyone know the name of the bank that this is for? (and while I'm asking for miracles here, anyone know of a good place online where current commercials are available for download?)

Thanks in advance for any help people are willing to offer here! :)
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