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bored cat?

hi i'm new...

has anyone seen the cat commercial recently where the guy is playing with a lot of cat toys, acting like a cat and trying to interest his cat in what he's doing, and the cat does nothing but look at him in boredom? its kind of funny, first the guy playing like a cat is comical, and then the cat also is well, just a really good actor i guess. one of his ears is flattened and he looks like he's about to fall asleep.

finally they feed the cat his favorite food and he gets all lovey-dovey with his owner at the end.

anyone know what company makes this commercial? i kinda want to see if i can find an image/footage of the bored cat online somewhere. I think its an IAM commercial, but not sure.

also does anyone know of a 100x100 community that makes icons for non-movie stuff?

any help appreciated,

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